CLOUDIA – Password Administration

An Active Directory User in a company network receives a notification about his password expiring and a request to set a new password. If the user is not a part of the company network, he will not be notified and will not be able to log in to the network. CLOUDIA makes it possible to change an Active Directory Password for an Office365 / Active Directory user over the internet and also sends a reminder to change the password to mobile users.

CLOUDIA – Password Administration

Manage the passwords completely automated. With CLOUDIA, also the mobile users have the possibility to change their Active Directory Password while in transit.

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Security featuresProcedure

Security features:

  • Secure storage of safety requests and answers
  • Recognition of expiring Active Directory passwords and notification of affected users via SMS
  • Secure storage of passwords by multifactor authentication and PIN code
  • No VPN Required


  1. User gets an E-Mail for the initial definition of the security questions
  2. The security questions are submitted and a one-time SMS code is generated which must be confirmed by the user.
  3. The user receives an E-Mail as soon as his password expires.
  4. The user provides his answers and changes the password.
  5. After the user confirms the change via SMS, the password will be changed in the Active Directory.

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