Email Signature Administration

ESA is an awarded application for centralized creation and management of email signatures. With the help of the central management of the signatures, companies can assure that the signature is corresponding to the legal demands for all employees and that all information is given. By using ESA companies can save time and costs given through imminent legal warnings in case the email signature is incomplete.

The application communicates with the existing IT systems and thereby is updated in case the data of an employee changes.

ESA is compatible with the most common email systems and is capable of being seamlessly integrated to the company IT.

With ESA it is not only possible to keep your employees’ data updated at all times, but it is also possible to implement the Corporate Identity into the signature. ESA automatically adopts the formatting of the text and embeds logos and banners into the signature.

Overview of the functions

  • Central creation of email signatures
  • Automatic insertion of the signature into the emails
  • Flexible connection to the company IT
  • Compatible with Active Directory or Outlook Address book
  • Creation of a signature with the Command Line Tool
  • Time-controlled creation of the signature
  • Available as an Outlook Add-In
  • Simple signature designer with data variables

Advantages of ESA

  • Email signatures conforming to the law
  • Unified signatures by integrating the Corporate Identity
  • Simple integration in the company IT
  • Time-saving by central management
  • Awarded with the “Innovation Price 2013”
  • Fast and professional support

In order to create your own ESA signature you can use the online tool for ESA signature creation. Go to Signature Tool

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Saving of signature templates

  • Data system
  • Public Folder
  • Shared mailbox

Data source for evaluating user-related data

  • Active Directory
  • Outlook Address book

Creation of the signature

  • Via Command Line Tool
  • Time-controlled actualization

Optional display of cell phone number and department

  • Via Checkbox selectable

Outlook Add-In

  • Available on request

Template control

  • By OU Membership
  • By Group membership

Supported systems

  • Outlook Version 2003 and up (32 Bit/64 Bit)

Supported Languages

  • German
  • English
  • Other Languages on request

Supported format templates

  • HTML
  • Text
  • Rich Text

Saving of an alternative address

  • on request

Definition of a Reg Ex for entering a phone number is available

ESA is using different Microsoft technologies. Following are the requirements for the installation of ESA.

Microsoft Active Directory or Outlook address book
ESA is using Active Directory in order to determine user-specific attributes like first name, last name, Street, etc. The data of the ESA user is latched in the user part of the local registry. If Active Directory is not available, actualized information from the user account will not be transferred to the signature but the data saved in the local registry will be used. New with version 6: If Active Directory is not available, the Outlook Address book can be used as an alternative to access the user-related data.

Microsoft Exchange or Exchange in the Cloud
Microsoft Exchange Public Folder are being used for the saving of the signature templates. If you are using Exchange in the Cloud, you will not have access to public folders. In this case you are using a resource mailbox for the saving of the data required by ESA.

Microsoft .NET Framework
ESA is based on Microsoft .NET Framework. Microsoft .NET Framework has to be installed locally in order to use ESA.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is required to create signature templates in RTF format.

Microsoft Word wird benötigt um Signaturvorlagen im RTF Format zu erstellen.