Intelligent Data Migration Tool

IDMT – Intelligent Data Migration Tool

The focus of the IDMT (Intelligent Data Migration Tool) is on Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Migrations as well as the management of those systems. The database of IDMT saves the data of Active Directory and Mailbox objects. Database based reports allow the determination of objects that are still to be migrated. With this IDMT makes the migration of objects in relation to local and temporary classification way easier.

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Areas of UseFeatures

Areas of use

  • Complex Microsoft Domain/Directory Migrations
  • Complex Exchange Migrations
  • Mass data provisioning in Active Directory
  • Client Rollout Support

Advantages of IDMT

  • Great potential for cost-saving by high automatization
  • No need for specialized know-how necessary for intern employees
  • IDMT can still be used after finishing the migrations
  • The high flexibility of the tool warranties the success of the project even with unforeseen problems.

Central or Self Service User Migration
IDMT offers the possibility to migrate the Active Directory User Accounts central or by the user himself.

The central migration will be executed from the workplace by the accounts from the batch, wich are defined by the user. But in the Self Service Mode, the user decides in a predefined timespan, when he is going to execute the migration.

Migration of additional applications
The transfer of user rights for additional applications like Sharepoint, Reporting Services or Safeboot works perfectly because the migration of those applications is directly integrated into IDMT. Those rights will be exported to the single user accounts immediately after the transfer is finished.

The integration of additional applications into the migration process is way easier to realize and will be executed at the central point.

Simple client migration
IDMT provides an integrated Client Migration Tool, which takes over the migration of special settings existing on client computers (for example Domain Suffix Search List). Because of IDMT it is possible to execute the computer migration independent of the User Migration and IDMT allows the integration of computers into the new domain at a certain point in time. The control of the timing however is provided centrally.

Simple Reporting
With IDMT the status of the migration is available at any point in time. You will always know how many accounts are already migrated or when a user is going to be migrated. All relevant pieces of information will be saved in a database and can be analyzed with Reporting Services. At the troubleshooting you will be supported with detailed status messages.

Batch based management of Active Directory objects
IDMT doesn’t just serve as a Migration Tool. You can also use IDMT after the migration to check the compliance of rules or to execute batch updates at Active Directory objects.