Smart Home Solution

Controlling, regulating and measuring of all consumers and counters via Smartphone

Smart Home Solution checks all usage and conditions in your house, like the gas detector, the electricity meter or the fire alarm.

Smart Home Solutions

Supervise and control your usage. Smart Home Solutions is able to supervise numerous events with detectors. Please get in contact with us. We would like to advise you.


Supervision of multiple locationsUserinterfaceCSV ExportAlerts per Email or SMSCurrent values and historyGraphical analysis

Supervision of multiple locations

Any number of real estates can be supervised with the Smart Home Solutions App. After logging in the user will be able to choose from different locations he wants to supervise.


the universal Web App offers a modern and intuitive user experience. The user quickly gets the information he needs by simply navigating through the app.

CSV Export

All data and reports will be saved in a database and can be accessed at any time. Data can be exported as a CSV file with the CSV export function.

Alerts per Email or SMS

You can let Smart Home Solution inform you via Email or SMS if an increased electricity usage or a power outage occurs at your home.

Current values and history

Look at your data in real time or see the highest and lowest values. You always have access to live and history data.

Graphical analysis

Create detailed diagrams of all recorded values. You can export all data as CSV file with the CSV export function.