Tracy Asset Tracking & Fleet Management

Specially developed for the exact recording of telemetry data, range prediction and localization

Tracy Asset Tracking & Fleet Management

Manage and control your vehicle fleet efficiently. Contact us for a demo access or consultation.

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TRACY is being used at the “Project E-WALD Elektromobilität bayerischer Wald“.


Fleet ManagementAlerts per Email or SMSReports and actionsMaintenance ManagementReal Time TrackingUserinterfaceUsers and groupsPoints of InterestGeofences

Fleet Management

Create new vehicles and drivers. Configure your Tracybox in the fleet manager and receive all information about your vehicles, like the mileage or the runtime of the motor.

Alerts per Email or SMS

By notifications via SMS and Email you can let tracy inform you about a sudden draining of the tank or movement of the car outside of the use time or vehicle movements.

Reports and actions

Look up all details about your vehicles and the distances they have travelled. In a clearly arranged table, applications of the brake, rough roads and speed will be shown. This allows you to analyze the routes and to test alternative ones, in order to lower the costs and wear out.

Maintenance Management

Every vehicle has to be maintained and service intervals have to be obeyed. Tracy controls the entire timing of the fleet maintenance for you. An oil change, engine check or tire change is shown reliable and in time by Tracy.

Real Time Tracking

In live mode you receive current data from any selected vehicle. With a click on the push pin, you will receive information from you chosen vehicle.

In Replay Mode you analyze the route of the vehicle.

User friendly interface

All controls are arranged right around the map. Those can be changed in size or be rearranged. Tracy adjusts to your preferences.

Users and groups

Create users and set user rights. You can delegate management tasks to other employees.

Points of Interest

Mark important places on the map and manage these in a clearly arranged menu. Create different types of Points of Interests and arrange them to groups.


Create your own forms on the map to mark special places on the map. If a vehicle arrives of leaves a geofence you will be notified.