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Developing tailor-made software solutions is one of our strengths. Preferably .NET and based on state-of-the-art as well as mobile technologies, our experienced developers will close any feature gap that may occur in standard products or turn your ideas for a completely new solution into reality. In doing so, we apply an agile project approach. Your benefits: Faster development progress and the ability to quickly adapt to new requirements and insights during development. We are with you and support you all the way – from the specification of your requirements and programming to the rollout of the solution in your enterprise.


Better support for your mobile users can be achieved by custom-made apps that fit the specific needs of your business. We develop apps that enable your mobile users to quickly access data from anywhere, and seamlessly integrate data they have collected on the go into your central databases. Users being frequently “on the road” and having to collect data on a regular basis will appreciate the efficiency and ease of a custom app that simplifies their work and eliminates the need for double data entry.

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Agile projects

Successful software meets or exceeds the expectations of customers and users alike. And it provides added value across the board, no matter on which platform it is running.
We develop and deliver the software for your success. Our agile Outside-In methodology makes it all possible. From initial planning and specification to implementation and operations roll-out as well as maintenance – we’ve got you covered.
To us, communication is key, specifically when working on software development projects around the globe. Therefore, we use state-of-the-art communication tools such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or Slack in order to coordinate all of our development efforts.

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Once decisions are made they usually are difficult to reverse. This is particularly true in the field of software architecture design. Our software architects design systems, and ensure that the implementation fulfills all the requirements by making the right decisions from the start.
We design enterprise architecture that is truly scalable and fully utilizes the potential of modern cloud technologies. Particularly when it comes to cutting-edge “Internet-of-Things” systems, a resilient architecture is nothing short of mandatory. Talk to us about your requirements today!

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The earlier a software bug is detected and eliminated, the lower the costs. Once in production, such a bug can be extremely costly.
To prevent such a situation, we apply the -Test-driven Development & SOLID coding methodologies to produce easily maintainable, high quality code for you.
We deliver cross-platform applications written in C# and F# based on Microsoft .NET & .NET core technology.

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