Westwing shines with a perfect IT setup

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Be it room or IT setup: Pros do it better! Thanks to the support of GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH, Westwing – Germany’s biggest online shopping club for furniture and home accessories – is now able to rely on a flexible, scalable IT. And that allows the fast growing eCommerce company to also quickly expand their software licenses and services.

While working as editor for ELLE and ELLE Decoration Westwing founder Delia Fischer was always searching for inspiring online shops selling home accessories and furniture at affordable prices – unfortunately without success. She recognized an enormous demand for exclusive items of furniture and design ideas, and brought Westwing into being in 2011. From the start it was the shopping club’s goal to let people find and buy everything needed for a beautiful home in one place. Today, Westwing offers a range of carefully chosen brands and products at particularly low prices, but also numerous inspiration and tips on furnishing. At that, the company pays close attention to selected and high quality.


The membership figures rewarded for the innovative formation of the company, and quickly transformed Westwing into a synonym for eCommerce success. Today, the club is active in 14 markets and offers its 26 million members around the globe up to 4,000 new products each week. The number of employees grew as fast as the company – to 1,600 people within just six years. Because of that the IT faced huge challenges. More and more staff and time resources had to be deployed to extend the IT infrastructure and to acquire and administrate the licenses and services needed. But the staff should have been able to concentrate on its core competences, so the decision was made in favor of a completely new IT setup.
The partner has been chosen as careful as Westwing selects its product offerings. With the GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH, located in Lower Bavarian Plattling, real specialists took control over the IT migration. “The aim for Westwing was a maximum of flexibility when setting up new users, as well as a straightforward licensing model. On-site installation of IT infrastructure should be avoided at all cost. Scalability of licensing and service costs was highly emphasized,” says GAB project head Andreas Hötzinger. As within its key business, Westwing recognized pioneering trends and chose the productivity applications Exchange Online, Office Pro Plus, and Azure Active Directory as underlying cloud directory service. From then on, GAB took care for the support of these products and the connection to the existing directory service on-site in the form of a managed service.

Westwing_22022017_8778987The IT migration was successfully completed in a minimum of time, partly because GAB uses an established approach in such cases. After conducting an Office 365 assessment, the current conditions of Westwing’s IT infrastructure, especially in the areas network, directory service and client environment, were determined and matched with the requirements of Microsoft’s cloud services. In close cooperation adjustments were made and the standardized “Managed Cloud Identity” service had been set up. In so doing, it was possible to activate the first Westwing employees in Office 365 after just four weeks.


“All of our employees are now able to register themselves simply and securely in every Office 365 service. There’s also no more need to use different user names and passwords for our internal systems and the cloud services. Our employees always want to work with the newest software and hardware, that is why they are very satisfied with the cloud service from GAB and Microsoft,” praises Georg Biersack, cofounder and Tech Operations Director of Westwing.


Now operatiWestwing_22022017_35a1wr11ng and managing all services is handled completely by GAB, payment has to be done only for actual users. “This is a one-stop support, licensing and billing of Office 365 services,” GAB project head Andreas Hötzinger explains. “Westwing only has one contracting party and contact for the operation, the licensing and the support of all Microsoft productivity services.”



About Westwing GmbH

Westwing is German’s first and biggest home & living shopping club. Westwing has 26 million members around the globe, with 3 million in German speaking countries. Founded 2011 by Delia Fischer, Georg Biersack, Matthias Siepe, Stefan Smalla and Tim Schäfer, Westwing offers well-known designer brands, exciting insider labels and timeless basics at very affordable prices. The Westwing registration and membership is free of charge.

About GAB Enterprise IT Solutions

GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH is a professional and experienced system integrator for most of Microsoft’s modern technologies. The multi-certified Microsoft gold partner is a globally valued specialist for implementing, transforming and operating private, hybrid and public infrastructures.